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Commercial and Industrial Flooring Types

Commercial flooring comes in all kinds of substrates. Ground Floor Contractors can install Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Plank, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Natural Stone Tile (Marble and Travertine), Roll Carpet and Carpet Tile.

If you have a flooring in mind or specified, we can purchase with our buying power and install with ease. In addition to the installation, we can remove old flooring, adhesives and thin sets. Our flooring specialists can also install the cove base or transitions once the flooring is complete.

Like most construction activities, flooring installation is about the prep. Making sure the floor is sound and smooth with little variation in transition is important. Some floors require lever or filler to get it right for installation. Our flooring installers have an eye for that detail and the tools to make sure your floors are perfect.

Make sure you contact us to help get your job done right.

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Commercial Flooring Contractors
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Commercial Flooring Contractors
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