Commercial Hardwood Flooring Installation

Wood and Engineered floors can give your commercial or retail space the classic feel you desire.

There are few flooring types that add beauty to a space than natural wood flooring. Although vinyl wood and ceramic wood planks have entered the marketplace attempting to replicate the beauty of traditional wood without the maintenance, consumers still prefer a real hard floor. Wood floors are not traditionally used in commercial spaces due to upkeep and refinishing requirements. They can be installed over concrete slabs and wood subfloors. There are even “floatable” options when it comes to wood and wood type flooring products.

There are predominately 2 different types of wood flooring: engineered and solid. Solid is what the name implies. The floor is comprised of one singular wood. Engineered is lamination of woods with the desired wood being the top layer. Floors can come prefinished from the factory and some can be finished in place. Prefinished from the factory allows the space to become usable immediately. Finish in place requires sanding and application of sealers on site.

Hardwoods are available in multiple types of wood with varying grains, color and hardness. There are hundreds of options from wood, board width, finish sheen, finish type, and edge characteristics.

Ground Floor installers are ready to install your hardwood today.