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Ground Floor Contractors Serving Lexington, KY

Ground Floor Contractors is a full service commercial flooring company serving Lexington and the surrounding area.

Flooring and concrete treatments have always been a secondary focus in the construction process for General Contractors and for us, they are primary.

Our equipment is top of the line quality equipment that is maintained meticulously to make sure that it is reliable to deliver those tight deadlines. We do keep a surplus of equipment for that potential need should your project be large or have tight time constraints. Ground Floor Contractors was created to take key experience and relationships to deliver consistent results for our customers.


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Proudly Serving Lexington Kentucky - Our Technicians Are Experienced And Reliable

We offer high flexibility. Our teams travel to the work so we will consider any location, city, or state. This allows our customers to use someone they know, not just someone near the jobsite location. With our experience and reliability, we are confident that we deliver a quality project that meets your needs. Whether it is concrete polishing or installation of VCT and carpet, we are the ground floor contractor to get it done. Learn more about our ground floor services below. As far as night work is concerned, shift accommodations can be made to work with other trades and business hours.

Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors

Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete polishing has become the most unique flooring option on the market. Polishing is similar to terrazzo flooring except terrazzo actually installs a specific pattern and product to create specific results. With concrete polishing, each slab of concrete has its own unique installation, qualities, imperfections and history. This process is being used in retail stores, large box stores, warehouses, industrial manufacturing, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and commercial garages. Concrete polishing services elevate any space with its environmental and durability benefits. Learn more about concrete polishing today.

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Commercial Resilient Flooring

Resilient is a general term that encompasses flooring that is manufactured from engineered polymer materials. These products are coined several different names in the industry such as Vinyl, Linoleum, Rubber, Cork, and Poured Seamless Poly Floors. These products are typically less expensive, easier to install, and easier to care for than the “real thing”. They can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors and allow for flexibility in the subfloor. Learn more about resilient flooring today.


Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Carpet rolls and tiles have many benefits that make it a great floor to install. Depending on the traffic and expected use of the space, carpet can finish off a room and last for years. Benefits of carpet include many varieties, sound deadening qualities, insulating qualities, non-slip and cushion features, and easy to clean and maintain. Carpet rolls and tiles are is manufactured from nylon, polyester, olefin and wool. Each has its benefits and the cost associated. Learn more about commercial carpet.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Installation Specialists

Hard & Stone Tile Installation

Hard tile is generically referred to ceramic tile in most circles. Ceramic tile is probably the most common form of hard tile. Other hard tiles include porcelain (like ceramic but is distinguished as being more water resistant), glass, and quarry tile. Stone tile consists of more naturally occurring earth products with the manufacturing consisting of cutting and polishing of large stones. Common stones used to make tile are travertine, marble, granite, slate, onyx, quartzite, and sandstone. Learn more about hard and stone tile installation.

hardwood flooring.jpg

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Wood and engineered can give your commercial or retail space the classic feel you desire. There are few flooring types that add beauty to a space than natural wood flooring. Although vinyl wood and ceramic wood planks have entered the marketplace attempting to replicate the beauty of traditional wood without the maintenance, consumers still prefer a real hard floor. Wood floors are not traditionally used in commercial spaces due to upkeep and refinishing requirements. They can be installed over concrete slabs and wood subfloors. Learn more about commercial hardwood flooring installation today.


Industrial Coatings

Coatings usually consist of a two component product that is mixed to create a timed chemical reaction resulting in a durable product. The most common product is referred to as “epoxy”. Epoxy is only one type of these resinous coatings. Epoxy, Urethane, and Polyaspartic floors are all liquid finish floors. Epoxy is available in solvent borne, water borne, and 100% solids. Along with the different types of chemicals, there are options for anti-microbial, aggregate inclusion, decorative finishes, and anti-slip additives. Based on your need, we can recommend a product that will provide the necessary characteristics. Learn more about industrial coatings today.

Concrete Resurfacing with Contentious Toppings


When your concrete floor needs to be resurfaced, toppings give your slab the durability and consistent beauty you are looking for. Topping a concrete slab is a great way to get a new slab. Sometimes slab surfaces deteriorate beyond recovery and it needs a facelift. Toppings are also great when a slab cannot be removed completely and needs to return to service quickly. There have been several advancements in the strength and durability of toppings in the last several years expanding the uses for these products. A topping installed by Ground Floor can last several years. We can complete the topping turn key from to prep to finish floor. Learn more about toppings today.

Floor Preparation and Removal


Ground Floor can help you get the floor ready for installation. If you are installing the floor yourself or you have a contractor already selected to install the floor and just want to “clean it up” to install a new, we can help. If you are a demolition contractor that flooring removal is part of your scope, call us to help. We can quickly remove flooring, thin set, mortar, adhesive, and coatings with our fleet of ride on scrapers and grinders. It is critical to get the flooring prep right for the new install. Failure to properly prepare the floor can and will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Learn more about preparation today.

Remove Old:




Carpet Adhesive

Tile Mortar


Uneven Joints

High Spots

Damaged Concrete

Prepare for New:

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We are experts in flooring and floor polishing and we also provide finest floor topping and professional flooring preparation throughout Lexington and the state of Kentucky. We use top of the line quality equipment that is maintained meticulously and qualified installers to make sure that it is reliable to deliver those tight deadlines.


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