Hard & Stone Tile Installation Contractors

Our team of tile installers will ensure a long lasting installation of your floor and wall tile.

Hard tile is generically referred to ceramic tile in most circles. Ceramic tile is probably the most common form of hard tile. Its name refers to the specific products used to create the tile as well as the process. Other hard tiles include porcelain (like ceramic but is distinguished as being more water resistant), glass, and quarry tile.

Stone tile consists of more naturally occurring earth products with the manufacturing consisting of cutting and polishing of large stones. Common stones used to make tile are travertine, marble, granite, slate, onyx, quartzite, and sandstone. Beautiful stone tiles each carry their own unique characteristics and variation.

Installation of hard tile can be tedious even for the most experience veteran. The floor or wall needs to be flat and prepped properly to make sure the tile is installed flush with even edges. Each manufacturer has recommended adhesives and mortars that are required for their product installation. Once installed, the tiles must be grouted either using a sanded or un-sanded grout. Once everything is dry, we can recommended a sealer to care for your new floor.

As a commercial flooring installation contractor, we can help you select a tile that is right for your space based on your needs and desired maintenance.