When your concrete floor needs to be resurfaced, toppings give your slab the durability and consistent beauty you are looking for.

Topping a concrete slab is a great way to get a new slab. Sometimes slab surfaces deteriorate beyond recovery and it needs a facelift. Toppings are also great when a slab cannot be removed completely and needs to return to service quickly. There have been several advancements in the strength and durability of toppings in the last several years expanding the uses for these products.

A topping installed by Ground Floor can last several years. We can complete the topping turn key from to prep to finish floor. Specific toppings also have to the ability to be polished just like regular concrete. Polished toppings are desirable due to their consistent appearance throughout the floor due to the consistency of the topping material itself. Our expert concrete flooring installers can breathe new life into your worn or damaged floors, saving you time and money compared to complete replacement.