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Ground Floor Contractors is a full service commercial flooring company serving a nationwide client base.

Construction in the retail, industrial and commercial marketplace is our primary focus. New construction, renovations, and even a simple flooring replacement project is what we are equipped to deliver. Our teams have several years of experience installing all types of flooring and we are partnered with the top suppliers in the country to deliver buying power and efficient installation.

Ground Floor was born out of an increasing need for a flooring contractor with the ability to go anywhere and install anything. Our crews are able to install ceramic, vinyl coverings, concrete polish, cementitious toppings and coating systems. As a union installer, we have the ability to draw on a talented pool of qualified installers and pair them with our superintendents to teach them the additional skills required to deliver our entire product line. Our equipment is top of the line quality equipment that is maintained meticulously to make sure that it is reliable to deliver those tight deadlines. We do keep a surplus of equipment for that potential need should your project be large or have tight time constraints.

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