Commercial Resilient Flooring

Our trained installers will install your floor with proper preparation technique and planning that will result in a long lasting beautiful installation.

Resilient is a general term that encompasses flooring that is manufactured from engineered polymer materials. These products are coined several different names in the industry.

  • Vinyl: This category has several names which are abbreviated in the industry. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT), and Sheet Vinyl.

  • Linoleum: This flooring type was widely used previously and is still made today but was all but replaced by the vinyl products. It is manufactured from resins, corks, oils and woods.

  • Rubber: As the names implies, this product is a rubber flexible product. Comes in tile and sheet form and is great for athletic, exercise, or sports floors

  • Cork: This “green” organic product is product from trees. One might assume that this would fall under the wood floor types but does not since it is not considered hard wood

  • Poured Seamless Poly Floors: Product is placed as a liquid and chemically hardens to create a seamless flooring product with great durability and no pesky seams to clean.

Vinyl flooring has the largest share of the resilient flooring category. In the last several years, vinyl flooring has become more decorative and higher in quality. Products have been able to better mimic the look of natural stone and wood. These products are typically less expensive, easier to install, and easier to care for than the “real thing”. They can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors and allow for flexibility in the subfloor. Most of these products require a product specific adhesive to attach the flooring. As a full service commercial and industrial flooring specialist, we can purchase the products and install to specification. If your product requires an installer certification, we can handle that with the manufacturer as well

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