Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Let us roll out the “Red” carpet for your project with our team of quality floor layers!

Carpet rolls and tiles have many benefits that make it a great floor to install. Depending on the traffic and expected use of the space, carpet can finish off a room and last for years.

Benefits of Carpet:

  • Many varieties to meet any specific taste

  • Sound deadening qualities not found in hard floors

  • Insulating qualities in colder seasons and areas

  • Non-Slip and Cushion

  • Easy to clean and maintain depending on selection

Carpet rolls and tiles are is manufactured from nylon, polyester, olefin and wool. Each has its benefits and the cost associated. There are several manufacturing methods that give you the major types of carpet. Cut pile is the most common type of carpet. Loop carpet which means the carpet it manufactured with a loop instead of cut ends. The most common type of loop carpet is referred to as Berber. There is also cut-loop which is just a combination of the two.

Most carpet comes in a broadloom roll and is installed while covering large areas all at one time. More recently, carpet has been made available in tile form making it easy to swap out damaged or stained tiles. These tiles come vinyl backed and are very durable.

As a trained flooring contractor, we can install carpet roll or carpet tile in almost any configuration.